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About Us

Our mission is to service the needs of the Orange County Jewish Community by providing programs
that enhance the beauty and pleasure of Shabbat.  We currently run 3 programs.

Shabbat Food Packages

Our first program, "Shabbat Food Packages" assist needy families in the community. 


Every Thursday volunteers meet to pack boxes of uncooked quality food and necessities for the approaching Shabbat. This gives the recipients the pleasure of cooking in their home with the recipes they enjoy most. The smell of the Shabbat food permeates their home and their spirits as they anticipate celebrating Shabbat with a delicious festive meal.


Anonymous volunteers discreetly deliver the boxes to the doorstep of the individual homes in order to protect the dignity and pride of the recipients.

Shabbat in a box.png
Shabbat in a Box

Our second program called "Shabbat in a Box" services Jewish patients in the hospital.

We know that spending Shabbat in the hospital can be challenging. In an effort to help patients create a spirited Shabbat atmosphere everyFriday our volunteers 

distribute boxes filled with everything one needs to  welcome Shabbat. This allows patients to enjoy a complete Shabbat experience and tap into the healing and peaceful nature of Shabbat.


We are currently servicing three hospitals weekly in Orange County, with up to fifteen patients per hospital. This program has been incredibly well received by the patients and their families

Simchat Shabbat - Sticker.jpg
Shabbat with Friends

We are excited to announce our newest initiative
"Shabbat with Friends" 


Every Friday, volunteers go and visit people in the community, who have no family, in their homes to provide them with grape juice, challah, Shabbos treats and most importantly of all personal companionship. 

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