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I received a Shabbat in a Box last Friday while in the hospital. I was deeply touched and wanted to support your organization.   -Gary

Thank you very much for the services you all have provided. It was definitely a HUGE HUGE mitzvot. I'm moving from Irvine. It's too expensive here for what I pay. So please don't make any more food boxes for me. Again, I appreciate everything. A great blessing was given to me. 

Baruch HaShem.   - W.R

I have chills reading this!!! 
It's amazing what this mitzvah is doing for our community!
Wishing your father a speedy recovery!

Shabbat Shalom to each of you who volunteer with the Shabbat Shalom organization. We just received the lovely "Shabbat in a Box" during my husband's stay at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach. What a beautiful thought and how special it made us feel to start the weekend off with tradition. 

Thank you again for this kindness. MC

Shabbat Shalom to each of you who volunteer with the Shabbat Shalom organization. We just received the lovely "Shabbat in a Box" during my husband's stay at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach. What a beautiful thought and how special it made us feel to start the weekend off with tradition. 
Thank you again for this kindness.   - MC

I have not yet received my weekly Tzedakah food, and I am wondering if the request needs to be renewed each year after Yom Kippur, or if it is just much later than usual. Thank you for your prompt attention as I have little food at present. 

Sincerely, SK

P.S. May G-D richly bless everyone associated with your most appreciated food. Thank you so very very much.

Dear Shabbat in a Box group,

My husband had surgery at Hoag after a gall bladder attack, and we were pleasantly surprised to receive the lovely Shabbat in a Box gift from your organization. We are not observant, but reading the prayers and having the grape juice and the challa brought back memories of our upbringing and provided comfort during my husband’s hospital stay and reminded us that we are a part of the greater Jewish community.

Many thanks to you.

תודה רבה

Thank you so much for the wonderful package that you delivered to us today.

My wife grew up in  XXXX  and was visiting her mother when she became very ill and had to be hospitalized at Hoag Hospital Newport.

Our home is in Jerusalem, so you can imagine how touched and elated we were to receive this package. My wife is supposed to be discharged later today, but we will definitely use and cherish everything that you supplied. In many ways our love for Judaism and HaShem really started when we became observant of the Shabbat and it played a big part in our making Aliyah from our home in XXXXX in 20XX.

This is a wonderful thing that you are doing and please express our appreciation to all, but especially to Sveindl Spitzer-Tilchin who made our box and did such a beautiful card!

Please give her our email, perhaps she will have the opportunity to visit us in Jerusalem ! My wife offers an open invitation for her to stay with us in Jerusalem and would like to thank her. I would imagine that teens active in your program utilize Birthrite/Tagleit and do come to The Land.

I wanted to thank you for signing my daughter and I up for the Shabbat Box. It was absolutely lovely. There were kosher hot dogs and oranges in it that I fed her for lunch. And then there was minestrone soup which I served for dinner with salad from the romaine leaves in the box and then we had the pineapple for dessert. Honestly she and I haven’t eaten this well all year. I have been scrimping so much. And for Shabbat there was chicken, duck sauce, gefilte fish, grape juice, potatoes, carrots, chocolate cake and challah. There was even enough for me to invite a guest which I haven't been able to do all year. Again I haven’t made a Shabbat dinner like that for us in a long time. I am glad that my daughter will be eating better and it will help me make ends meet by cutting down on our grocery bill.

Dear Rabbi,


Last week we got a box of food items from Simchat Shabbat and it really helped us a lot. We don't know who to thank for this amazing Mitzvah, but we are sure that you can forward this message of appreciation to the coordinators of this program. We are deeply touched by the generosity and warmth of this program.

We want to thank you for the Shabbos packages that you have been leaving us. They have been a true blessing during our time of financial difficulty. At this time we are doing fine BH and will not be in need of your care packages any more. We are not yet in a position to donate to your blessed cause But IY”H we hope to be able to in the future. May Hashem bless your endeavors OD Y’May Moshiach.

I must share with you. Last delivery a lady came to the door before we made our getaway. She lives in an apartment. As soon as she opened the door, we heard across the parking lot "oh how wonderful. This is so great." She shouted Good Shabbos. The raw joy she expressed upon seeing the boxes of food I will always remember. Thank you for giving us this Mitzvah opportunity. 


Thank you both so much for the wonderful event last night.
Your tireless efforts resulted in a fun filled, inspirational and wonderfully successful fundraiser.
Everything was absolutely first class and the presentation stunning.
What an amazing and admirable mitzvah you and your core group perform!
I am extremely grateful to be a tiny little part of your mission. Last night makes me want to do so much more......
May Simchat Shabbat grow from strength to strength.

What an amazing event!! It was just perfect. It was warm and welcoming and really explained the wonderful work you do. The food was delicious and so elegant and Zoe’s beautiful home the perfect venue. It worked so well. Glynis, Jessica is a fabulous speaker and obviously a wonderful addition to your family. Jill was great as was everyone else who spoke. It is hard to believe it’s our first fundraiser as it could not have been nicer. Shabbat Shalom

Food and decor was outstanding. You spoke sooo beautifully. 

You can be sooo proud of Simchat Shabbat and all the lives you touch!

Wow, what a sweet surprise you left for me, and this is what happened in my hospital room that evening.  I sort of remember someone leaving the box, and I called after as the visitor left, saying “Shabbat Shalom.”  That memory is one of a very few moments which I recall—honestly.  I went home the next day after my two-level lumbar fusion two days before.  I’m doing REALLY, REALLY well, went out with friends to Crystal Cove yesterday.  I’ll tell you, you really lifted our spirits—I’m sure that my husband had tears in his eyes as we sang the Blessings, as we always do.  You made that possible.  I’ve already posted these photos on FB once—will probably do that again.  Perhaps we could meet for coffee sometime-I’m certain that we have many friends in common.  


Again, many thanks, and much love.

I just wanted to thank you for the Shabbat Box that was delivered to my son yesterday while he is in Mission Viejo Hospital.


When I got there to visit with him he told me to open a box that was on his tray and when I did I was so overwhelmed.  I have been in several hospitals in all my years (77) and never had experienced anything like this.


What a beautiful thing to do for a person who happens to be in the hospital whether they are religious or not but we did say the blessing for the wine and challah.


Once again thank you for the beautiful package and all the work you do in the community.

I feel very overwhelmed with emotion but I will accept this beautiful box with gratitude and no shame . Thank you to the special people who are so kind and help people like me at such a tough time. I am very thankful for this kindness. Toda Rabba . Shabbat shalom.

It was with great emotion and feelings of gratitude that I received the Shabbat in a Box on my first post-surgery day.


We made Shabbat in the room with my grandson and (name withheld).


I think it is a wonderful initiative and I will send an additional check to help cover costs.


Thank you for initiating this mitzvah, it is a lasting memory.

I was at Saddleback Memorial Hospital for a heart procedure on Friday and received the attached Shabbat in a Box.  It was a very pleasant surprise!  Thank you so much.  



My husband was a patient in Saddleback Memorial Hospital last Friday.  Imagine our delight when our Shabbat Box was delivered! It's easy to feel isolated or to become despondent being in the hospital. To receive such an incredibly thoughtful that returns a patient to loving memories of so uplifting.


We deeply thank you. 

Good morning Zoe,


Hope this note finds you well.  Please extend my most sincere thanks to the Hebrew Day School for their beautiful ornament gift, I love it and truly admire their talents.   And to you, Beverly and your wonderful committee, much appreciation and thanks again for the vast array of groceries, they are absolutely delicious.


Stay well, stay safe and a Happy Healthy Sukkot to everyone......:-)


Warm regards,

My most sincere thanks to you and your Simchat Shabbat team for the vast array of delicious food delivered to me today.  I truly appreciate the time, effort and beautiful mitzvah that you all share within our community.


Warm wishes for a Shabbat Shalom and L'Shana Tovah to everyone who participates in this most kind and generous gesture, it is truly a blessing......:-)


Stay well, stay safe, lotsa luv and virtual hugs!

I appreciate your time and dedication to bring joyous meals to the Jewish community.

Simchat Shabbat is always there!

Thank you,

Shalom Aleichem dear Zoe, please take off my family from the list. I have to thank you enormously all this time you have helped us. The faith of my little kids grew with every single box of food that you very kindly sent to us, showing them how H was taking care of us with so much love.

BH things are getting better for us and maybe other families are more in need. I love you with all my heart and gratitude for all your kindness, love and the beautiful way to help us to connect with H and feel closer to Him every single Shabbos.

Todah rabah and Shabbat Shalom

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to serve and help the community around me. I truly appreciate this experience as it has taught me to be more grateful for the things around me while helping my community become better. Particularly, this one family we visited held an older woman who appeared to be sick and deteriorating in condition. However, every week she acted amazingly towards me, and it made me realize the importance of what I was actually doing and the impact I had.  I am happy that I I could be the one helping her because I know I made a positive impact on her life.

- From a Volunteer

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